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Welcome to Galloping Power

Galloping power wish you a very warm welcome to the Galloping community. Our rating calculates their own unique speed ratings for every horse race staged in India. If you are serious about selecting best horse in race base on past performance of the horse and various facts of the race, you will soon realise that our website will prove to be your greatest weapon in your battle.

Ok, lets get started!

Galloping Point Figures?

Galloping Point Figures express the most important factor in horse racing. How fast a horse run in each of his starts. Galloping Power figures are a numeric figure which indicates the level of ability of a racehorse on a specific day of the year. The Galloping Power points derived from the finishing time of the horse in race after making calculation to account for length beaten by the winner and the weight the horse carried on the day, also include the track condition on the day of performance along with the rider’s performance points.

The Idea Behind Galloping Power Ratings is?

The easiest way to measure one racehorse against another is by how fast it run, and a Galloping Points translates performance into an easy to use numbers.

How do Galloping Power select the Best performer in race?

Based on horse’s past performance, carried weight, track condition, rider’s performance level, Galloping Power calculates the Galloping Points. The highest Galloping figures horse is having best chance to win the race.

How to nominate the horse for win or place?

In a race if any horse Galloping Points figures are much higher than other horse’s Galloping Points than its easy to predict the Higher Points earner horse for win. Sometime the margin of Galloping points figures of various horses is very less,than it’s a competitive race. Anyone can win or place in that race. The Galloping Points figures are good to calculate the next best horse in the race to nominate for place.

The figures Show higher accuracy in short distance races like 5f/6f/7f/8f. In long distance races the finishing time of the race is totally depend on the pace of the race, hence the accuracy of the Galloping Points Figures become low. We say its better to follow our figures for short distance races than the Longer Distance.

How should I read your Race Card?

Other factors to consider:Although you should find our GP figures to be the most accurate available from any source, it is always a good idea to also apply a little human common sense. Sometimes you will notice that a Horse has not raced for few months or not done the trackwork, this often suggest that the horse has some health issue. Check the medical history of the horse and must keep an eye on the horse’s weight. This will give you the idea of the horse’s health condition and fitness. One must check the horse’s equipment as the equipment also plays big role in horse’s performance.